emu1863 (emu1863) wrote in narrativetheory,

Hayden White and his opposition

Greetings! I am working on a paper about how texts are approached and constructed from two opposing theoretical viewpoints. I will be using Hayden White's essay "The Historical Text as Literary Artifact" to argue how similar historical texts are to fiction. What I still need is another noted historian/historiographer who maintains that history is an entirely distinct discipline. Any suggestions who I should use?

(Sorry for the cross-posting.)
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Well, I don't know whether you'd consider him an "opponent" of White, but Arthur Danto's book _Narration and Knowledge_ is a standard work. Danto comes from the tradition of analytical philosophy, rather than lit. crit.
Thanks for the tip!
I was going to suggest Danto too. Also you might do some reading in FR Ankersmit as well; deals w/ historiography (the secondary sources on the source/event that is 'history') and narrativity - history as discourse. He and Perez Zagorin had a disagreement (over Danto's work?) some time back (1990's) iirc. Maybe 2 disagreements. Arthur Marwick might be someone who can be read as "against" White.