Gwenifyre (gwenifyre) wrote in narrativetheory,

Call for Papers--Anyone want to join a panel?

The narrative society's conference is this April in Louisville. Here's the Call for Papers.

I am trying to put together a panel around the research I've been working on. My studies focus on gaming, specifically face-to-face role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. I'm working from the definitional side of things. Are these narratives? I think so, but I'm trying to show how they fit in with current definitions, and how their narrative structure varies.

I have one other interested member for a panel. I know he has been working more with cognitive science and identity development and using RPGs for his research.

Is anyone else interested in a panel? We need at least three. I can see something on gaming and narrative fitting in. But I could also see either something on narratives and identity or definitions of narratives fitting in as well.
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